Art for the Soul


Annie’s abstracts and landscapes are a celebration of color. Her inventive technique of adding, then subtracting, transparent acrylic paint in as many as forty layers, opens the door to spontaneity. Annie begins with an initial idea, but in the journey of a painting she delights in the many detours. “The canvas creates itself”, she declares.

The finished piece has deep dimensions of color, which create a sparkling image that changes and transforms as you move around it. Annie’s art invites the viewer into a magical mood of joy.

Annie’s varied interests and passionate energy have led her in many directions in life. From marketing and advertising, to the cooking school she created in Italy, Annie has gleaned inspiration from many sources. As a painter, she enjoys widespread success. Her pieces are bought and loved all over the world, from New York to Italy and, of course, in Southern California, where Annie now resides.


Available for private or commercial commissions